Executive Coaching: Does it Deliver?

Do you believe that your performance could be improved through coaching? Perhaps you’re somewhat skeptical, like the author of a US book called: “You go, girl! That’ll be $300” (Savage, 2006). I’ve been working in this particular space for 15+ years and have come to believe that the very best coaches are in the questions rather than the answers business. Let me demonstrate this by detailing a typical listing of questions.

Should Consultants Collude with Leadership Lies?

Should Consultants Collude with Leadership LiesOf all the businesses, by far

Consultancy’s the most bizarre

For, to the penetrating eye,

There’s no apparent reason why,

With no more assets than a pen,

This group of personable men

Can sell to client’s more than twice

The same ridiculous advice;

Or find, in such a rich profusion

Problem’s to fit their own solution (Boardroom Ballads – Bertie Ramsbottom)

Eureka! Do you know what you want to be when you Grow Up?

Dream it, Wish it, Do itI’ve never studied philosophy and don’t pretend to know anything about it. In times past, I was busier surviving life than surveying it. Philosophy always seemed overly conceptual (some of us learn more by doing and thinking about things afterwards). As I’ve become older, a serious U-turn on the importance of philosophy is under consideration.

Rip Up The Rules: Solution Focused Consulting

Management BullyingOver the past 20 years, I’ve been involved in numerous team-improvement and problem-solving interventions, across every type of organisation imaginable (butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and a few others thrown into the mix). Do these interventions always work? Does the problem always ‘go away’? Hymm! Let’s take a quick look at the so-called ‘epidemic’ of managerial bullying as a case in point.

Retirement? Hell No!! – That’s for Old People.

Baby BoomersOver the past few years I’ve come into contact with a growing number of baby boomers who refuse to embrace the concept of retiring. To them it is more of a re-alignment of goals. They’re self-image is not of that of past generations of retirees. They don’t see themselves as white-hairs, in rocking chairs reminiscing past glories.

Leadership Are You Up To The Mark?

LeaderI was recently hired to facilitate a conference on Executive Development. High potential Engineers, smart and good fun. At the end of 3 days, we came up with 9 Leadership commandments. How many of these can you apply in your job?

Keeping Staff Happy: I Do Like Mondays?

HappyA travel survey conducted by tour operator Thomas Cook and the ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents), listed a number of outrageous complaints vacationers had made to their travel agents.  Here’s a sample…

Barbie DollShockingly, more than two-fifths of girls between first and third grade want to be thinner and more than eight in ten fourth graders are scared of being overweight(1). With these fears starting so young, it is not surprising that by the time they reach high school, 11% of students have a diagnosed eating disorder. However, young girls are displaying signs of disordered eating long before they enter high school, with those as young as seven following diet and exercise plans passed around the playground, often before they can even spell “diet” or the foods included in the regimens. Just one example is a fourth grade student who started to develop a more natural figure after quitting a grueling gymnastic schedule (2). What started off as cutting out high fat and sugar snack foods developed into a highly restrictive diet over the next six months, which in the end consisted only of salad and was combined with obsessive exercising, resulting in the loss of a quarter of her body weight in just a six week period and clinical signs of starvation.

Do you want to give Feedback

FeedbackImagine a point in time when you are so interpersonally skilful that feedback you give to anyone would be completely accepted. Further, the person would follow up on what you suggested and be committed to implementing the suggested behavioural changes. Fantasy? Perhaps. But it’s possible to develop the skill of giving feedback to such a high level that this becomes a working reality.



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