My ‘affair’ with LinkedIn is in Rapid Decline

too-much-informationTMI (too much information). Backing off on communications can be more effective

This is a customer service story that reads like a southern states fairytale. As they say in Georgia: ‘Y’all ain’t gonna believe this shiiit’.

economics_basicsFirms produce goods and services on demand for the government, households and other countries to consume. They provide employment, generate income and create demand within the economy. They act as a cornerstone for yearly GDP (Gross Domestic Product) determination. Governments collect taxes on sale of the goods (VAT) and levied taxes to maintain public sector spending and investments.

dogLouie: All grown up now

It’s absolutely ages since I gave you an update on our dog, Louie (named, of course, after Vitton rather than Walsh).  Unlike Mr Walsh, our Louie  really has the X-Factor and he’s not afraid of Sharon Osborne!  Hey, I just know that you’re bursting to hear all about his latest adventures. Here goes…

democracyLet’s have a look at our system.

Who really calls the shots?


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