democracyLet’s have a look at our system.

Who really calls the shots?


The Civil Service! Most civil servants appear to be unaccountable. They certainly are not elected by the people.

Take City and County managers for example! At a stroke they have decided that some council’s will no longer collect domestic waste and yet their very own environment web site states that part of their role is “to encourage recycling and collect waste”. Is this not an obvious breach of their role? This decision cannot be changed by the Councillors - the people have elected!


Also unelected, they have tied us into expensive and unworkable agreements. The Croke Park agreement, for example, protects public service jobs no matter what the cost. Who gave them this right? Not the people!

Another Union decreed that that our politicians became the highest paid bunch in the world. This was only addressed in the current recession. However most of the old perks are still there.

Another Union has decided that the Government pensions be set at incredible amounts, especially for ex-Ministers. They also made sure that no matter how much we protest these figures cannot be changed due to some contract law clap trap. Even an ex Minister who served a term in prison is getting a pension of over € 90,000 per annum!


They have no role in Government but their opinions can help sway the outcome of any election. Our recent Presidential election is an example of this. This is not an executive role in Ireland, but the media ran a very bitter campaign.


Who are these guys? They forced Papandreou and Berlusconi out of office. These may have been popular events but they certainly were not democratic! Where will this end? Austerity for all taxpayers everywhere!


While we elect MEPs, they seem to have no say in the functioning of the EU. We have an EU President, Van Rompuy, who is hardly mentioned. Barroso, the Commission President seems to be the boss. Again, hardly democratic!

So, is Ireland a democracy? Is any EU country a democracy?


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