About The Synergy GroupThe world is changing rapidly.

That means that as businesses, we have to act with the best knowledge we can get and move forward with confidence.

We are referring to every business from the one person business to one that employs 250 people, from one that has to make a profit to voluntary and community organisations – yes, even VCOs are businesses because they handle money and have to operate within the same rules and regulations as commercial businesses. VCOs may or may not have employees, but they all have management teams and those management teams have to guide the organisation.

Here in The Synergy Group we offer all businesses an unparalleled range of services that each client can choose from as they wish.

We have a full range of consultants who offer practically every service a business needs. For example:

  • SYOB: If you are starting your own business, you will need expert help to get you to the starting gate, to deal with banks, to get funding and generally get through the unknowns and confusion.
  • Mentoring: If you are running your own business, we can assist you with either a formal or informal mentor relationship to guide you and focus you to achieve your goals. It is about an on-going relationship of learning, dialog and challenge.
  • Training: You can avail of training on a one to one situation as well as in class room format. Training can be either bespoke or one of our standard courses. They can be for individuals, companies, Enterprise Boards and other training providers.
  • Advice: For businesses that have problems, e.g. cashflow, HR, accounts, architecture, planning, IT, etc.
  • Business Foundation: It is like you having your own personal consultant to help you with your business. You may have a problem that needs immediate action or you may need assistance now to prevent any crises in the future.

Our History shows that we have been around since 1995 and have dealt with organisations like enterprise boards, partnerships, micro businesses, SMEs, multinationals, voluntary and community, to mention a few. Many thousand clients have passed through us over the past 23 years.  There are many Reasons to use The Synergy Group and the Benefits of dealing with THE SYNERGY GROUP are beneficial to the success of your business.

From 2012, we have redesigned our Company to offer a new range of services with new standards, new consultants with new expertise, new quality processes. When you deal with The Synergy Group you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the best service specifically tailored for you. You are dealing with one Company and one point of call who will guide you through the entire Company.

Our motto is

One Company | One Philosophy | One Aim

Improved Results

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