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Getting the most out of your Pension - even if it's in the UK ! 

Dr Gary EllisonWhen you finish working you'll need an income to retire on, and unless you want to be simply surviving on the Irish State Pension of €233 per week then it's essential that you have some form of private pension. Now many people are put off starting their retirement planning because of the perceived cost but there are many ways to build up finance in order to generate such income. 

When the kids leave the nest ‘should be’ a time of celebration…

Go Confidently in the Direction of your DreamsI was sitting on the sofa, quietly practicing a new piece. Playing the guitar is easy. Playing the guitar well is hard.  To keep the obsession moving forward, I practice for about an hour every day. According to my family, it’s a candidate for the biggest waste of effort in the history of mankind.

“What's your USP”?

USP LightBulbs

We counted back through the years.  The last time we’d been to New York for fun was 1992. Oh sure, I’d made a number of business trips since. But being a ‘business hostage’ inside some anonymous Ramada Inn basement (sorry, conference room) doesn’t count as a life memory.

A Great Branding Read in Star Brands.

Star Brands by Carolina RogollI’m approached almost weekly to review books on branding and sales. Most don’t match my core values but Star Brands intrigued me. I told Carolina that it would take me a few weeks to read it and then I would review it.

Suck up to the Audience: It’s a Recipe for Success

Young SingersOne night on holidays we had a music ‘session’ which lasted for about 2 hours.  The youngest person in the group was 10. At 57, I was the oldest. Bridging that timespan in musical tastes can be a bit tricky.  But there’s one, sure fire technique that works; play songs which have been used in Kids movies.  King of the Swingers (Jungle Book), These Boots are Made for Walking (Shrek) and so on. It worked so well, that I have now received an official invitation to play at an 11th Birthday party in Finglas on April 11th, 2015. If you were just about to book me for your second wedding on that date – back off – my nephew sneaked in ahead.  Personally, I like Leonard Cohen and David Bowie.  But the kids need stuff that they could relate to. So, playing to the gallery was required. Hey, that’s show business! The interesting thing is that this lesson is 129% applicable in almost every social setting.

Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in

Persistence is better than BrillianceYesssss!

I was invited to play at a ‘retirement party’ in the city. Betty, a friend of my wife Linda, was finishing up with Dublin County Council. After long service, she wanted to mark the occasion by lining up some music on the night. A good ‘send off’ as they say (normally, at funerals). I agreed on one condition; there had to be at least one other person playing.  For sure, it’s possible to do a 1-Man-Band and excite the crowd if you have talent like Christy Moore. My talent is more Homer Simpson-ish! So, Betty lined up two other people to play and the ‘band’ were set for the gig of the century.

Do you have some underachievers to supervise

RulesDo you have one or two employees whose performance is below standard? If so, here are ten rules for managing their performance.

14 Stories of people who only made it AFTER they were 60

Youre never too old to DreamI am 61 years of age.  There I said it.  My birthday was five weeks ago.  Recently, I was talking to my orthopaedic surgeon who is 65 and he has no intention of retiring soon.  He introduced me to a patient who was leaving.  He is 88 and is going to Zambia next week to continue his missionary work.  As part of what I do here in The Synergy Group and DPNlive, I carry out research.  That got me looking at people who really only made it in business after they were 60.


“What I was going to say was…. nothing”

I have a client who’s become a friend. Yes, it actually happens in real life. You too could love a consultant if you knew one for long enough. Anyway, she was on a major fitness programme. Long swims, bike rides, gym workouts. This determined woman was on a mission to recapture her former, svelte self (that’s a long queue, right there).


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