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Open Your Own Business

 Have you ever considered starting your own business?  

If yes, then this course is for you. 

Imagine what it would be like you were able to cut through the mystery of business jargon
and know what to do.

It is specifically designed to bring you through the process of start up,
you as an entrepreneur, what to look out for, dos & don’ts, etc. 
It will go through the business planning process and why & how to prepare a plan. 
By the end of the course, we guarantee that you will view business with a different pair of eyes.

 Course Objective 

The aim is to ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs are shown the tools for venturing into the business world.  It’s a whistle stop tour of business and management issues with a specific focus on the business planning process.  Its main aim is to raise your awareness of business issues and show people real life business issues in today’s environment. 

Who should come on the Course? 

People who are either thinking of or are starting or have started their own business.  Some people who have attended this course in the past are people who have a general interest in business & others are looking for an overall appreciation of business issues before deciding to continue their business studies.  Other people who have attended the course are already running their own business, maybe even for a few years, and want to structure their business thinking. 

By the end of the Course 

Participants will have a full appreciation of what’s involved in business planning and starting a business.  They will have the opportunity of preparing a business plan if they wish, because they can carry out the exercises that are given during every session.  They will have a greater appreciation of business & management issues in general, which they can use to any extent they wish, e.g. researching & seeking out new business opportunities, understanding why businesses & competitors do what they do, deciding on areas of further business & management training, etc. 

How long is the course?

The course will run for 24 hours, spread over 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Course Content 

  • Business Plan Template & different approaches
  • Are you an entrepreneur
  • Setting Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives & Strategies.
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Company & Business Analysis
  • Sales
  • Operational Issues
  • Financial Planning, Budgets, Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheets, Ratio Analysis, taxation issues, etc.  

Presentation Style 

This course has been presented by Bob Tallent for the past 8 years, over 50 presentations.  Even so, no two courses have ever been the same.  Why?  Because he brings emerging business trends, issues & economics into it.  He converts theory into practice, cuts through the BS & shows what is happening in the real world.

Yes, there will be handouts & course work given out.  Even so, participants are expected to keep their own notes also.

Whilst the course has been planned & outlined, he will check with everyone present to see if there is anything in particular they want covered, therefore, there may be some additions & alterations to the course content.

Participants will be actively encouraged to chip in and give their views on the many issues under discussion.  They will also be encouraged to ask questions.  There is no such thing as a dumb question.  The only really dumb questions are the ones you are afraid to ask. 

The Presenter 

Bob Tallent heads up The Synergy Group – a one-stop-shop firm of management consultants & trainers whose main market is the SME & Entrepreneurs.  He has a team of professionals e.g. Auditors, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Marketing, PR, Market Research, IT & Networks, Web Design, Software Design, Trainers, etc. in the Company.  He has been preparing & presenting training courses since 1994 and has been working with entrepreneurs, business startups & business development for the past 8 years.  County Enterprise Boards, Enterprise Agencies, Partnerships have all sent clients to him and he also has a large number of private clients, who have all come to him through recommendation.

Adding on to his Industrial Engineering, he got an Honours BA in Business Studies & Marketing in 1995.  He has worked in middle & senior management in large industry for 14 years & from then has been running his own businesses from 1983 to now.

He has a knack of being able to unfuzz the complicated. 

What have people said about it 

Below are a sample of quotes from people who attended some of our most recent courses.

"Very informative & made me feel I can really start my own business”

“Plenty of necessary information”

“Opened my eyes to the broader aspects of running my own business”

“Gave me the confidence to approach the bank manager”

“Very much enjoyed the examples & useless info (e.g. far from it, helped with my understanding)”

“It encouraged an interest in topical business issues, which in turn were simplified & applied to . . .”

“Able to put a business plan together”

“Very well put together course”

Other Related Business Courses 

There are a huge range of further training courses, e.g. Business Development, Supervisory Management, Customer Care, Sales, Finance for Non Financial Managers, Bookkeeping (manual & computer), Computers (from basic use to web design & e-commerce & e- marketing), to mention but a few.  The list is endless. 

Now, you need to Stop and Imagine how Good it would Feel
to Own and Run your Own Business.




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