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The Basic Social Welfare rates from January 2015 are:


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Under the Tax Credit system, Tax Payable = Gross Tax minus Tax Credits.
Gross tax liability is calculated on your total income (after deduction of superannuation and permanent health benefit) by applying 20% to income up to your standard rate cut-off point and 40% on the remainder. The cut-off point in 2015 will be:

Van in FloodDemand for your products is variable dependent upon the weather. 

That’s a fact.  Also, prices vary, availability and transport can be disturbed, even staff performance is affected.  The question here is - how can we prepare for it and even increase business from it?

lagarde_kennyA question that is prominent on the minds of Irish people now is ‘does Ireland need a safety net when we exit the bailout on 15th December’. 

There is a difference of opinion on this question.  David McWilliams says that while Ireland is moving in the right direction and growth of 2 per cent next year will finally contain our escalating debt and it should come down gradually over the following few years. However, if for any reason the growth forecast does not come to pass the national debt could quickly become unsustainable and we will need all the help we can get.

walking-holidaysIreland’s services sector has grown rapidly for 15 consecutive months from 56.8 to 60.1,
according to the Investec Purchasing Managers Index. 
This is the fastest rise in new business in 6.5 years, from early 2007.

Today, 15th Oct 2013, is Ireland’s seventh austerity Budget.

Michael Noonan, Minister for Finance, and Brendan Howlin, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, revealed how they plan to take €2.5 billion out of the economy.  You can download the entire budget and speeches at the end of this article, just above my photo "Download attachments".  There are five reports.

Here are the main details of Michael Noonan’s speech:

What’s the difference between €3.1 billion and €2.5 billion when it comes to hardship on the normal person.  €600 million less than our Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, has to take out of the economy in the next budget.

EurosThis is a joint statement issued by the Troika on the  Eleventh Review of the mission to Ireland.  Below is the complete statement as it was issued, unedited.  However, I have highlighted certain parts. 



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