First, let's look at definitions.

Evolution is pragmatic growth. You go to your computer. You learn a piece of software. And each day, you add to the knowledge. You learn one more tool, and so you move progressively ahead.

Revolution, is going to a workshop for seven days back to back, and learning nothing but the software.

Which one, do you think is more conducive to your capabilities?

Which one of the two systems above is likely to give you better results?  I know, each one has its place

Let's look at another example. You try to learn a language. You sit at home, and you go through your one hour of 'Donde esta Santa Claus?' and other Spanish phrases.

You systematically put in one hour a day. And then on the other hand, you decide to kick out the audio learning and head off for two months to Spain. Which one will bring more results to your language learning?

Business cannot exist on evolution alone.

Now, there's nothing wrong with evolution, but revolutions are the factor that create dramatic upheavals in your strategy and tactics.  Revolutions cause you to get thrown off your overused computer chair, your coffee filled office and thumped right into the smack of battle.

You've figured it out, haven't you?

You can't get involved in a revolution by curling up snugly in your comfort zone. But revolutions aren't just about comfort zone.

They're also about group learning. And group learning, whether it be you in the middle of Madrid with a million other Spanish speaking people, or you in a workshop with half a dozen others like you - is what it's all about. The sudden leap. The intense shake up in the midst of groups, is what really causes revolutions.

Look at the many people who immigrated to Ireland ten years ago and couldn’t speak English. Most of them can now speak English like natives.  They also took a leap of faith and left their comfort zone.

The same can be said of the many Irish people who have emigrated in the past few years. 

You can sit at home and expect change.

It will happen. But that's evolution. And hey, there's nothing bad with evolution. In fact, it's the sobering part of your growth. Too much revolution would drive you up the wall. But at least once or twice a year, dip into the heady brew of revolution. Do something in a group. Do something that gets you out of the space you're in. Go and do a workshop or two.

And you'll see dramatic change.

There are lots of reasons why small businesses stay small. And struggle. One of the main reasons is evolution. Evolution: It's a blessing and a curse.

Personal Experience:

My son, Emmet, emigrated three years ago.  It was the saddest day of my life.  He took a massive leap of faith after he qualified as a Mechanical Engineer three years ago in Dublin and went to Canada.  Nobody would have blamed him if he returned home within three months, either because he ran out of money or just couldn’t hack it over there all on his own.  He had to move three times in Canada and is now working for a large multinational in Edmonton.  He has permanent residency now in Canada, has since become a Chartered Engineer and bought his own house.  He didn’t just evolve.  I believe it has made him a much stronger man and when he comes back to Ireland, he will have new ideas with a new initiative.  He doesn’t just wait for something to happen, he makes it happen.  That’s revolution.

Running training courses requires a lot of research and planning.  Running one that I haven’t run before puts me out of my comfort zone and requires even more preparation and even more so when I have to go to the clients premises or a hotel instead of our own.  I learn as much from those courses as the people attending.

I’m not just evolving here, I’m being proactive.


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