What a great idea

dogI invariably order peasant food when I’m out. Steak & Kidney pies.  Goulash. Hot Pots of all varieties. Perhaps it’s a throwback to the 1970′s. When we lived in rented accommodation, the trick was to treat each meal as if it were the last food you might see for weeks. Like a Boa Constructor, we attempted to devour the equivalent of a small deer at each sitting. Now that the danger of starvation has receded, I still lean towards comfort food.

Eating Prawns:
I had a buddy who was also from a working class background and who wanted to climb the greasy management pole. So, when he was out at dinner with businesspeople, he would invariably choose ‘posh’ food. Prawns, capers, chickpeas. He’d order an Armadillo if it made him seem sophisticated. He has since become quite successful, but I think that’s more to do with his business nous rather than his penchant for exotic foods. He doesn’t need to pretend anymore.

Be Yourself:  
Some things you can change. Education, body mass,  listening skills are all open to attack. Other issues are extremely difficult to change. Your accent, your family, your background. So, you need to differentiate between things you can work on and stuff which is best left alone. And, when you finally arrive at a place where you can declare: “I kinda like myself” you will be resident on a Happy Planet. Most people are so busy ‘becoming’ something, they forget that they are someone special, unique, talented – with a lot to offer that’s already in place. Of course, there are deficits – things that we’d like to tweak. For example, a couple of my sisters claim that ‘fat legs’ is a congenital deformity in the Mooney family. And you can never give up on the ‘continuous improvement’ cycle – provided that you enjoy the journey rather than fixate on some mythical end point when you will be ‘cured’ and all of life will be great thereafter.

There are a lot of people in Glasnevin Cemetery. It’s too late for them to change all those minor imperfections that niggled throughout their life. I just hope that they lived in the moment when they had the opportunity to do so and somehow found comfort in their own skin. Because, warts n’ all, you are already great



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