There is a new Virus which I have recently dealt with – that is a lot more damaging that any other virus I have come across.  This is very serious.

It’s called Cryptolocker and what is does is infects your computer and encrypts all your Documents, Photographs, PDF files, PST files with an Encryption Key, which is a number that you have to buy for € 400.00 to “release” the files.

The virus only encrypts shared data on a network, where the shared folder is a drive letter.

The virus is sent by e-mail to your inbox.  It can come in from a complete stranger, Fedex, UPS, DHS, or more worryingly it can come in from someone you know who has your details on an infected computer.  Its very well crafted and will catch a lot of people out.

How to spot the virus.

pdf When the e-mail comes in, it will contain an attachment that looks like a PDF file  (Red PDF Icon) –  however the file is not a PDF it’s a ZIP File.  If you double click on it, it will run as an EXE file and upload the virus.

I would recommend that you save all PDF files that you receive and verify from the sender that it’s a legit attachment, before opening them.

Pass this warning to others, and if in doubt just give me a call, thanks


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