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Cust RiskHealth and Safety Management systems focus on procedures and management systems that ensure production operations or business  activities are undertaken in a safe manner. The management of the risk of accidents or incidents arising out of work activities form part of Risk Assessments within Environmental, Health & Safety Systems (EHS) systems, which in essence sum up the potential risks and sets out methods to reduce the risks or the probability of a series of events occurring that lead to an accident.

We live in a very technological era with most things around us plugged in or requiring a charge to keep powered. A typical household including my own has many gadgets and gismos including digital TVs, cordless phones, laptops, gaming devices just to name a few.

I remember back 25 and 28 years when I had two brand new kids.  I was absolutely knackered every day going into work.  Over the years, friends of mine have said the exact same thing.  Well, that got me thinking about safety in the workplace and on the road.  This article applies to every employer out there.


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