Running your business efficiently includes your ability to understand the books your bookkeeper keeps for you and how to instruct your accountant. 

You will ask your accountant to prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts for you.  Your job now is to interpret the results so that you can prepare strategies for your business.

An efficient business will have a comprehensive set of accounts recording their day-to-day business transactions. This data will help you set realistic goals and objectives and convert them to effective corporate strategies.

The main reasons for learning to interpret your accounts include:

  • Quickly and accurately gauge financial records for strategic decision-making purposes.
  • You interpret financial statements faster and obtain information you can trust.
  • Why you must read between the lines.
  • Trends in revenue reporting practices and expense reporting practices .
  • The impacts of mergers and consolidation on profit reporting.
  • Spotting Key Trends & Red Flags .
  • Uncovering hidden liabilities .
  • Discovering understated expenses .
  • Anticipating Write-Downs.
  • Evaluating Non-Recurring Revenues & Expenses .
  • Assessing Non-Recurring Revenues & Expenses impact on future performance.
  • Foreseeing dilution effects.
  • Tracking Financial Stability and Growth Potential .
  • How to gather financial data for sound business decisions .
  • How to interpret Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Financial Ratios and Performance Indicators.
  • Key Performance Indicators .
  • Comparing statement performance to actual performance .
  • Evaluating trends in cash flow, revenues and expenses .
  • The impacts of mergers and acquisitions on financial reporting and business valuation .
  • Measures that successfully predict a company`s future .
  • How to quickly cut through the clutter to get the real financial picture .

As part of the Synergy Groups comprehensive financial services we have trained and qualified consultants who will work with you on improving your record keeping and more importantly we will show you how to analyse that data properly.  Just ring +353 1 821 5189+353 1 821 5189



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