Human Resources 

Micro and small businesses can’t afford to have a Human Resources manager.  Neither can not-for-profit organisations.  Yet if they employ as much as one person, full or part time, they are employers and have to adhere to HR laws in Ireland. 


These are just a tiny sample of questions you have to know the answers to and you are obliged to adhere to the law.  You could end up in the labour court if you don’t. 

The Synergy Group is here to be your HR department and advise you accordingly.  We can agree a plan with you on either a long term basis, e.g. 12 months, or a project basis. 

We can act for either the employer or employee. 

What The Synergy Group can do for you: 

Contact The Synergy Group and we will examine your Human Resource requirements. We will look at what you need to do, what you want to do and we will pull together a plan with you. 

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