You never know what is around the corner and in the event of an unforeseen happening it is vital to have important personal details close to hand. With this in mind, we provide you with a choice of three Personal Affairs Checklists.  Just go to the bottom of this article, below the social media buttons, in the section that reads 'download attachments'.

They have been designed to assist you in organising important information that will be readily accessible to your survivors after your death. It will also help you preplan your funeral and leave a permanent record of these plans so that your family and/or executor will be able to fulfill your wishes. Knowing what you wanted will relieve your loved ones of making decisions at a stressful time.

You may choose to talk about your death with your family members .  Death is an inevitable part of the life cycle and all living things will experience it. Discuss this checklist with them, involve them in the planning process. Discussing your beliefs and desires openly will assist in assuring that when death occurs, your final wishes are carried out and your survivors have the information necessary to make their grief easier to bear.

Personal Affairs Checklist

Financial Affairs Checklist