How’s business these days?

needle_in_haystackDo you feel like the proverbial needle in the haystack? The right customers are just not finding you. You appear to be doing things correctly – nice image, good logo and snappy slogan. All good things for sure, but what is the messaging you are using? How are you speaking to your audience?

My guess is that you, like many small to medium size enterprises, are all speaking the same conversation. Everyone has no strategy in place to strike a powerful cord with the buyer. The main issue is that for all your worthy efforts, your brands are simply not resonating with your audience.

You are doing exactly what all of your competition is doing and that is exactly the problem. There is no differentiator. Your needle is not unlike all the other needless and you are all buying in the same haystack.

The answer is to take a stand and position your brand that separates you from the crowd with something tangible that the customer needs or desires in a large way.

Typically, this ‘resonating position’ is something dramatically different from anything being done in your category. You have to make your needle stand out. Doing so will make it easier to spot in the haystack of life.

From my experience working through this with customers, the result is something that has them nervous at first but excited as they move forward with it.

It is tough being different. However, if you are, people will remember your brand. It is an innovative idea, but one that is fun to embrace once you see the results.