blogBlogging or a Forum is all the rage right now, and it has been for the several years.  We have one in this site. 

It's been a great vehicle for normal, everyday business people to let their voice be heard.

But how can a forum help you attract more customers for your business?

That's the million euro question!

And I'm going to answer that question for you right now.

3 Important Forum/Blogging Principles

But first, to understand how this process works, you need to be aware of 3 important principles.

Principle 1 - Fish where the fish are.

You need to offer your content in places where your primary prospects are already getting their information.

Principle 2 - Give the fish what they want.

Find out what problems your prospects are struggling with and write about the solutions to those topics.

Principle 3 - Capture the fish

When your prospects are lured back to your blog/forum, make sure you have the right format and design to capture their contact information.


Those are the 3 principles and so here's the exact plan (and this is just one way to do it...there are many ways to find new customers with blog/forum marketing).

The 3 Step Plan

Step 1

You need to fish where the fish are, which means you need to go out and find where your prospects are reading and watching for information.

For example, if you're a print machine sales manager, make a list of the top business blogs that accept guest posts.  Here at The Synergy Group we accept articles and posts for publication in our article sections (each one has a blogging section at the end).  In addition, here at The Synergy Group, you can go you our forum and enter your own and be in control of it yourself.  Just go to the home page & hit ‘forum’.  It’s that simple. 

A US based site is  Type in your keyword and you will get US blogs.  I can’t find an Irish based one yet, but you can send them to

Make a list and start writing guest posts for those blogs/forum with links back to your blog.

Step 2

Once they arrive on your blog, give them what they want...and what they want are solutions to their problems.

Create a list of blog post titles that are solution oriented and start writing those forum posts.  As I said earlier, you can also write articles for publication.

Step 3

After they've read your blog or forum posts you need to capture their email contact information and get them on your list.

Now all that is left is to create an irresistible offer and send it out to your list along with your continued content.  If you wish, you can use the The Synergy Group emailing service to send out your irresistible offer.

This is just one example of how to blog for more customers.

If you really want to become a "blogging master," you should consider spending some time on The Synergy Group


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