Client BenefitsAdvantages of using The Synergy Group

Through the years, The Synergy Group have many clients in Ireland.  From Local Enterprise Offices, through Partnerships, Community & Voluntary Organisations, State and Semi-State Organisations to private Clients. In general, we have found that the Enterprise Development Agencies send individual clients to us also.

In addition, we have many private clients who are not referred by the Agencies.

Private Clients consist of

In fact, regularly it happens that people come to The Synergy Group because they have a problem. We work with them on this problem and as time goes on, they find that because they are working so closely with us, they have a type of personalised training programme specially designed for them, with the problem being solved as a result.

Many private Clients come for the same reasons but also because they have a business or management problem of some sort. It could be cash flow, strategic problems, ISO 9000, audits, bookkeeping, tax problems and so on.

So the benefits of dealing with The Synergy Group are many and varied. Some of them include:

Due to the fact that we supply a `One Stop Shop` service providing practically every conceivable business and management service for our clients:

Due to our professional approach:

Due to the fact that our consultants, advisors, professionals & trainers are self employed entrepreneurs themselves:

All our consultants are fully qualified, trained and experienced. This means that:

Our Mentoring service means:

Our Business Foundation package means: