Leadership Training 

Elephants WalkingLeadership is more than motivating others to perform well and engaging them in your company’s mission. Effective leadership is a constant personal challenge requiring effective communication skills and the ability to build productive relationships, even with difficult personalities. 

The Synergy Group seminars will help you identify and strengthen these and other critical leadership skills, whether you are considering a formal leadership position for the first time or need a fresh approach to your current leadership career. Let us guide you in planning your personal growth so you can confidently lead your team to peak performance.

Many of us know leaders with first-rate formal educations or expensive graduate degrees from prestigious institution. But they don’t guarantee you will be a good leader.  The leader has to be effective in bringing about positive Results.

A leadership skills list suitable for 21st century leaders:

Leadership skills required for effectiveness today vary widely depending on many factors… yet two constants remain:

  1. The ability to achieve tangible results with and through people, and
  2. The ability to operate effectively in an environment characterised by relentless, ongoing change.

The Synergy Group Approach to Leadership Training in order to Create and Sustain a Powerful and Effective Corporate Culture

Leadership skills designed around people, relationships, conversations and the “essence of organisational execution” is essential for 21st century leaders.  Leadership skills that include individual and organisational learning.  Adaptability and innovation is equally important for success today and tomorrow.  In the end, these skills are required for positive and sustainable Results.

The Synergy Group training is focused squarely on the types of skills you need.  It is based on a new way of understanding language, the power of conversation, physical and emotional domains and on the supervisors role as leader.

As you acquire this new mindset, you will see with “new eyes” the strengths and the areas for improvement within yourself and your company. You will explore leadership styles and leadership qualities that help and hinder effectiveness. Most importantly, you will be equipped with new tools and a new clarity about effective leadership – insights that will empower you to use the most powerful drivers of productivity, culture and performance within your organisation

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